Make BYOD safe!

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Make BYOD safe

What does BYOD mean?

Bring Your Own Device

It is when employees use their own personal device such as Notebook, Mobile or Tablet to connect to the organization network to access what they need to do their job.

When Covid-19 hit and started creating havoc across the world, many companies had to switch to working remotely. This led to many workplaces adopting the Bring Your Own Device policy (BYOD).

Since then, the work culture has undergone a major change, despite life going back to some type of normality, there is a growing acceptance for employees to work remotely within a cloud-based environment.  This is creating an increased satisfaction for employees in terms of productivity and overall wellbeing.

Many companies have, or are, reviewing the need for their employees to be onsite whether fulltime or part-time, and the necessity for face-to-face meetings. Many employees now consider the option to work from home as a perk. 
However, the technical disadvantage of people using their own devices is that they are working on networks outside the company’s control. This poses a security risk and allows malicious agents and unauthorised users opportunities to gain access into the company’s data. 

What are my options? 

IRIS IT techs have set up many companies to take advantage of how they want their employees to work, while securing the data and system information.  

  • For BYOD, we can create a clear separation of an employee’s personal information and company information, by creating a new separate and secure environment for the company data.  This allows use of their own computers, but only have access to the company information as needed. 
  • We have tools that allow multifactor authentication (you need two or more devices to gain access – say a mobile and a Notebook). This means any malicious activity resulting in access to your password will not give a malicious agent access to your systems. 
  • We include systems that track your devices, so if a Notebook, Mobile etc is misplaced or stolen, it can be remotely disabled and wiped. 
  • We can ensure that disks cannot be read even if removed from your Notebook or Laptop, and we can track the physical location of the devices. 

Employees can be prevented from downloading or storing information outside

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