What exactly is an IT Systems Audit?


Computer board

Are you confident that:

  • Your IT systems are working as well as they could be?
  • You have installed the latest updates and patches? 
  • Your system users are adhering to IT policy regarding data security and integrity? 

If you cannot answer a resounding ‘yes’ to all three of these questions, an IT systems audit is a must. The audit process will provide invaluable insight into the status of your business systems and identify security flaws or vulnerabilities that you may not even be aware of. 

Beyond the obvious benefits of mitigating risk and safeguarding your business against cyber-attack, an IT systems audit will assess whether your current systems are fit-for-purpose and identify more efficient or cost-effective solutions which may be available to you.

An added benefit of an IRIS IT systems audit is that it will detect any ‘cleaning up’ that may be required including password updates, changes to security levels and permissions, removal of ex-employees and redundant log-ins and any obsolete or unnecessary software.

With increasing numbers of employees working from home over the past few months, now is the ideal time to conduct an IT systems audit and ensure that the integrity of your IT systems and processes has been adequately maintained.

An IRIS IT systems audit can be conducted on-site at a time convenient to you, by our friendly and experienced team. In addition to reviewing your current hardware, software and systems, our comprehensive IT systems audit process is customised to consider your specific needs in relation to business continuity, security, compliance, governance, and scalability for growth. 

Once complete, the audit findings will be presented to you along with our recommendations and options for implementation to suit your timeframes and budget.

Please get in touch today with any questions you may have about the IRIS IT systems audit process, and to book your initial no-obligation consultation.