Why real-time monitoring is becoming increasingly popular

IRIS ITIT Systems, Security

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In recent weeks IRIS IT has been fielding an increasing number of enquiries about our Remote Managed Monitoring (RMM) service. This real-time monitoring package gives you confidence that your IT systems will always run smoothly and reliably and:

  • Prevents outages by recognising issues in advance
  • Reduces resolution time for any incidents that do occur
  • Provides a holistic view of your IT environment
  • Efficiently monitors the current state of your IT systems
  • Applies Microsoft security and update patches without business interruption

This last point is particularly important.

Microsoft regularly release critical updates, security updates, monthly rollups, service packs and non-critical updates. These updates often appear at inconvenient times and it is easy for users to simply dismiss them. Unfortunately, failing to install these updates in a timely manner can and will put your systems at significant risk. 

While it is critical to install security updates to protect your IT systems from malicious attacks, it is equally important to install other software updates to ensure users can access new features, and to avoid falling prey to security flaws which may exist in outdated programs. Updates also fix bugs and errors to ensure the smooth operation of your IT systems.

Even if you are running your own anti-malware or anti-virus software, it is important to apply all Microsoft updates as anti-virus software alone may not sufficiently protect you from Windows security issues.

When you have multiple system users, it can become difficult to keep track of updates and ensure they have been applied across all devices. That’s where Remote Managed Monitoring with IRIS IT comes in.

Our Remote Managed Monitoring Service ensures that all relevant operational and security patches are installed in a timely manner, and you will not be interrupted with reboots for installations or forced updates. We will advise you when your devices need to be left on overnight and/or connected to the network so these updates can be run without any downtime to your business.

Best of all, the IRIS IT RMM package is available from just $10 per endpoint per month, which is such a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Contact us today to sign up for Remote Managed Monitoring with IRIS IT.