Windows 11 and other Updates

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Windows 11

It is long running adage in ICT that it is better to be on the leading edge than the bleeding edge. It is not possible to anticipate how a system will behave in all circumstances and environments. Therefore, most organisations are better off not installing the first release of any product, from apps to operating systems (such a Windows 11). … Read More

How can we prevent Computer Viruses

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Computer Viruses How Can We Prevent Them

Anti-Virus Software: Can We Trust It Anymore? One of the downsides of ICT being available to everyone, is that people who wish to disrupt, or otherwise interfere with data and devices, have opportunities to do so. While I was living in the UK in the early 1990’s, I had the opportunity to attend a conference on virus writing. I chose … Read More

Why real-time monitoring is becoming increasingly popular

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In recent weeks IRIS IT has been fielding an increasing number of enquiries about our Remote Managed Monitoring (RMM) service. This real-time monitoring package gives you confidence that your IT systems will always run smoothly and reliably and: Prevents outages by recognising issues in advance Reduces resolution time for any incidents that do occur Provides a holistic view of your … Read More

Why should I consider real-time monitoring of my IT systems?


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Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling when you find out that one of your IT systems has crashed? It is not a nice position to find yourself in, especially in those initial stages when you are unsure about the extent of the problem and how great the impact might be. Fixing a problem after it has occurred is often … Read More

What exactly is an IT Systems Audit?


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Are you confident that: Your IT systems are working as well as they could be? You have installed the latest updates and patches?  Your system users are adhering to IT policy regarding data security and integrity?  If you cannot answer a resounding ‘yes’ to all three of these questions, an IT systems audit is a must. The audit process will … Read More