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Running a mirror is now no longer a privilege, everyone who has a Microsoft subscription with OneDrive can set one up.

There are now two considerations when trying to keep data and systems safe. It is now relatively cheap and easy to create a data mirror, using OneDrive. If your laptop is lost, for whatever reason, the data is not lost. You can obtain another device, log back in and all your data will still be there!

The only disadvantage of this is that the mirror does exactly that. Whatever happens to your files on your device also happens in the mirror. If you delete all your files, and empty your recycle bin, the same thing will happen on the mirror. If you accidentally release a crypto locker, all your files will be locked on both your device and your mirror.

Therefore, a backup at points in time is needed. Should the worst happen, your data can be restored.

This is where the 3-2-1 backup process applies. You should always have one primary backup and two copies (3 in total).We recommend a backup strategy where backups are taken both to a local disk and to a separate off site “cloud server”.

Following these principals prevents our customers asking to restore data from a corrupted disk or deciding to pay a crypto ransom and hoping the key arrives and actually works ,or PhD students realizing their thesis only stored on a thumb drive has just been through the washing machine!

IRIS IT recommend that most of our customers use Microsoft OneDrive and TEAMS to store and share their data. This allows for 1Tb of personal data and 1Tb of company data.

This way employees can work securely offsite on whatever device they choose and with Microsoft Premium, we can control all access, including employee’s own laptops, desktops and phones. The loss of a device for whatever reason is no longer a disaster, as no data is stored solely on the device. Further, with Microsoft Premium, the device can be remotely tracked and locked, Access to data can be fully controlled, and when an employee leaves, all access to company’s data is removed – they will not be able to copy data to their own drive .

Any sort of file loss, corruption or issue can be firstly recovered from the local backup, and then from the cloud backup. IRIS IT can adjust the time that companies may wish to keep files and emails – particularly where there are statutory requirements.

IRIS IT staff can discuss your individual needs and ensure all your information functions are safe, secure and resilient.

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Our rates will be increased by approximately 3.5%, effective 1st August 2022.

As you may be aware, the Australian Consumer Price Index(CPI) rose by 5.1% in the last 12 months to the March quarter, consequently we have had to increase our pricing but have tried to keep this to a to a minimum.

Things to consider:

When was the last time you ran a windows update?

Have you ever attempted to recover your data?

Do you know if you have been hacked?

Is your hardware too old to run Windows 11?

How secure is your data?

Could you recover your business data if your office say burns down?

If you have any queries on the above, give us a call and we will take you through your options.